The Hosco Difference


Considering that 80% of all paint circulation system joints are found on the small diameter paint station drops, it is imperative that the designers, installers and maintenance personnel give complete attention to detail to all their areas of responsibility. Using Hosco smooth bore, cavity free, silicone free components will result in increasing first run capabilities, maximizing throughput and minimizing or eliminating “dirt in paint” on production parts.

Product Attributes Performance Attributes Benefits
Smooth-bore Minimizes turbulence and pressure loss Lower operating pressures and degradation of paint
Cavity-free  Minimizes “dirt in paint” generation points, eliminates dirt pockets or interior shelves Less repairs, lower facility costs, faster color pulls, less solvent/time to flush & clean
Stainless steel Strongest material of construction Highest level of safety, compatible with all paints and finishes
Microfinish Surfaces Special processes to weld, clean and prepare Hosco products for intended uses Quick to flush, easy to clean
Certified silicone-free Hosco products are manufactured in silicone-free environment to automotive style paint standards Shipped clean and ready for installation, no further processing required

Hosco products are available in NPS, NPT, BSPP, BSPT and PT for worldwide application and availability and supported by a worldwide network of distributors and expert installers.