Automation Valve Assembly

Hosco "HRS" rail system paint station drop assemblies are cavity free, smooth bore and provide quick, economical installation for robotic rail stations or fixed automation systems. The system is made with up to six stepped length ball valve designs to facilitate compact paint station construction.

The benefits of using the new HRS paint station drop assemblies include:
• Faster installations, less downtime
• 50-67% reduction of drop tube piping over conventional paint station configurations saves
over $10,000 per spray zone
• 50% reduction of pressure loss in paint systems reduces pump and system component wear,
service and calibration exponentially while making the system safer with lower pressure
• Reduction of material shear, maintaining paint color and glamor for longer periods
The schematics below compare the old installation methods with the new Hosco rail system.
See pages 16-18 of the Hosco catalog for more information.